How it Works

The OlifeEnergy box stores photovoltaic energy at times when it produces more than it can consume. Even if you do not have solar panels, you can still use the box to buy and store electricity at times when its cheap. The energy is accumulated in the box and can then be used at times when the electricity is expensive, or the solar panels are not producing power.

In the morning and evening, household consumption and electricity prices are normally higher. However, at these times the sun is not shining as strongly as during the day and even if you have solar panels, they only provide part of the power you need.

At these times you can use the energy stored in your OlifeEnergy box. Your box will recharge during the day from your solar panels or from the grid when prices are cheap.


Wiring diagram

The energy produced by the solar panels is routed to the OlifeEnergy box, which also includes a converter that turns the direct current from the solar panels into AC. The alternating current then flows through the switchgear and circuit breakers to all the appliances connected to your home network. When your electricity production exceeds consumption, the excess energy is automatically stored in the OlifeEnergy box so that it can be used later.