The OlifeEnergy Box and its underlying technologies can also be used in Off-grid or grid limited locations.

There are two main applications here:

Off-Grid Home or Community

If your home or community is not connected to the electricity grid, you can use an individualised installation of the OlifeEnergy solution to meet your power needs.

In conjunction with alternative energy sources you will then have a reliable source of power for all your needs, 24/7. Benefits include;

  • Quiet, 24-hour power
  • A one stop solution
  • A truly environmentally friendly solution – zero noise and zero CO2 emissions
  • Reliable
  • No fuel costs
  • Easy and simple integration with solar, other renewables or generator power
  • Integration to local micro-grid networks.
  • Other benefits from using Powered by Olife software solutions

Grid Limited Community

Does your community have access to the grid, but is limited by capacity and reliability issues?

If so, then a tailored OlifeEnergy installation can solve your problems. You can avoid the need to upgrade grid connectivity and eliminate loading peaks and troughs. If you integrate renewables into your solution, you can reduce your dependence on the grid. You will also benefit from a backup source of power in the event of grid outages.

Your Powered by Olife software allows you to manage your connections, storage and consumption in an environmentally friendly way

Other benefits include;

  • Reduce grid dependence. Avoid excess load. balancing weak grid infrastructure
  • Avoid expenditure on grid upgrades
  • Avoid outages
  • Integration with renewals
  • Cleantech credentials
  • Area / building energy management
  • Integration to local micro-grid networks
  • EV -> Grid. Grid -> EV
  • Other benefits from using Powered by Olife software solutions