The OlifeEnergy energy storage box is equipped with advanced components from leading technology manufacturers. This, coupled with our Powered by Olife management system, means we can offer unique benefits. Our strong and durable lithium battery ensures extremely long life. Our specially designed battery management system allows you to optimise your charging and discharging cycle based on current weather conditions and electricity prices. Our system can be adjusted to the individual needs of each customer. By connecting through the Powered by Olife cloud portal, you can even remotely monitor and configure your system. OlifeEnergy can make your smart home even smarter.

A unique solution for a range of different uses

Maximise the benefits of solar energy

Use OlifeEnergy to store the solar energy you are not using now so that you can use it later.

Prevent Outages

OlifeEnergy is a back-up power source for when your grid connection fails. This is especially useful in places where power failures occur frequently.

Buy Electricity at a cheaper rate

Our solution helps you reduce energy costs. You OlifeEnergy energy box can be recharged at times when power is cheap, and you can use this cheap power at times when power would otherwise be expensive.