The OlifeEnergy storage system lets you accumulate solar energy during the day and use it at night, in bad weather or during power outages.

Not just that, but you can also automatically store energy in your batteries at times when power is cheaper. This saves up to 80% of your electricity costs and helps you feel good because you are using natural energy and protecting the environment.


Model S

A compact device, ideal for storing electricity in smaller homes.

Model M

Model M is ideal for medium-sized houses - where it can be placed in the garage or cellar.

Model L

Model L is a 3-phase device designed for storing large amounts of electricity. It is especially suitable for large family houses or apartment buildings.


Easy to use


Maintenance free

Light weight

Quiet and clean operation

Stable performance

Remote control

Long life

As well as the home solution described on this page, we also offer larger installations suitable for industrial and commercial uses.